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RAP is the term given to removed and/or processed materials containing asphalt and aggregates. These materials are generated when asphalt pavements are removed for construction, resurfacing, or to obtain access to buried utilities. When properly crushed and screened, RAP consists of high-quality, well-graded aggregates coated by asphalt cement.

Benefits of using RAP

Reduces cost and bid prices of hot mix asphalt materials.

Reduce consumption of our natural resource supply.

Competitive bidding process to obtain the HMA material alternative at the leas cost.

For pavement design, recycled hot-mix can be assigned the same structual equivalency factor as a conventional mixture.

Acceptability of the recycled material and proportions can be determined through mix design prior to allowing the use provided that the recycled products meets minimum criteria for all layers.

Provides a means where pavement material removal is economically justiifed.

If designed correctly it can meet all Superpave design criteria.

Long-term performance is equivalent to or better than virgin mix