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ART started manufacturing Metal Beam Crash Barriers in 2008. We have two roll-forming lines (one automatic and one semi-automatic line) along with our own slitting and hot-dip galvanizing facility thus ensuring we deliver products of uncompromised quality. We offers a sophisticated, standardized approach to Metal Beam Crash Barrier fabrication. Our manual & auto manufacturing process ensures all holes, slots, and dimensions are 100% accurate for maximum compatibility with a wide variety of Crash Barrier systems. As a galvanized metal beam crash barrier manufacturer, we can modify our crash barrier to meet virtually any height or width requirement.

Our roll formed crash barrier feature the latest advancements in highway safety barrier technology to ensure maximum strength and long term durability of our products. Our galvanized crash barrier is coated with a uniform layer of zinc coating (550 GSM) to prevent discoloration and weak spots caused by rust and corrosion. Metal Beam Crash Barriers are manufactured in India as per the guidelines issued by MORTH as well as AASHTO. All sections are cold rolled formed. Raw material grade Fe410/510 conforming to ST42/IS5986 and hot dipped galvanised (550GSM minimum). The post spacing is 1.5 to 2m centre to centre.

Metal Beam Crash Barrier is also known as Semi-Rigid Traffic Safety Barriers. It includes box beam guide rail, heavy post blocked out corrugated guide rail and   three-beam   guide   rail.   Three-beam   is   similar   to   corrugated   rail,   but   it   has   three   ridges instead of two. They deflect 3 to 6 feet (0.91 to 1.83 m): more than rigid barriers, but less than flexible barriers. Impact energy is dissipated through deformation of the rail elements, posts, soil and vehicle bodywork, and friction between the rail and vehicle. Box beam systems also spread the impact force over a number of posts due to the stiffness of the steel tube.

We also take up Crash Barriers erection works to provide clients with an end-to-end solution.

Crash Barriers ensure minimum damage to the vehicle and its occupants.
During collision the W Beam/Thrie Beam absorbs maximum energy by flattening out and laterally restrains the vehicle from veering over.
Prevents the vehicle from skidding back onto the carriageway by controlled exit angles by gradual deceleration and effective redirection of the vehicle back onto the road.
Provides a good visual guide to the drivers especially in the night.
Enables quick repairs in case of accidents.
All components are hot dip galvanized for longer life.

As restraining barriers on embankments of Expressways & Highways.
As containment barriers on medians and grade separators of four/six lane roads.
As protection barriers/containment barriers for hilly terrains and ghat roads.
As race car crash guards on car racing tracks.
For interior traffic safety at Airports, Plants handling hazardous chemicals, mines, collieries, etc.
As fencing barriers for country border lines, expanse lands, water bodies, bridge piers, signposts, rocky areas etc.,