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Microsurfacing is an ultra-thin overlay that adheres firmly to the prepared surface and performs as a durable wearing course. It consists of a mixture of Polymer-modified Bitumen Emulsion, graded stone dust, water, chemical additives and a filler (such as OPC) that is mixed on site applying ART’s acclaimed Custom Chemistry process. Custom Chemistry: Optimizing Mix Performance Custom Chemistry is the process of developing a unique tailor-made Bitumen Emulsion that perfectly complements the locally-available materials to create the optimal mix that delivers high performance.

Why Choose Microsurfacing?

Microsurfacing promises better ride quality and can extend the life of roads that have corroded superficially from the surface.  Microsurfacing is ideal for highways and urban roads, residential and industrial townships, airstrips and even concrete pavements!

Benefits of Microsurfacing:

  • High-Friction Surface
  • IRC Codified Technology
  • Great Water Proofing
  • Minimum Traffic Disruption
  • Resistance to High Temperature
  • Extends of Structurals Layers
  • Clean & Non-Polluting Technique
  • Low Cost
  • Pavement Height Not Distrubed
  • Suitable for All Weather Conditions