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PatchEzee® Pothole Mixes is a ready-to-lay mix, composed of laboratory approved graded mineral aggregates and HIGH-PERFORMANCE Modified bituminous compound called BLACKTOP – PatchEzee Liquid Blend (BT-PELB). There are 2 variants available for supply.


Where is PatchEzee® Pothole Mixes Suitable?

PatchEzee® is ready for application and hence nothing to be added

“All weather” solution in Indian conditions. May it be summer, winter or even rains!!!

It can be filled in wet potholes (using Set-in-Wet PatchEzee®) or, no need to take out water or to dry the pothole, just fill the pothole with PatchEzee®  and material will fixed in pothole filled with water by displacing the water.

Simple to use and no specialized skills are required

Does not require heavy machinery or equipment

Safe & Environment friendly solution as it does not require any preheating

Allows movement of traffic after 15-25 minutes

Shelf life of 9 months