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PatchEzee® Set-in-Wet is a ready-to-lay mix, composed of Laboratory approved graded aggregates and our PatchEzee® Liquid Blend. It allows for Instant Patching of even water-filled potholes delivering permanent patching solutions. The mix is suitable for Bituminous as well as Concrete surfaces.

There are two variant available; PatchEzee® Set-in-Wet for Base Course Repairs and PatchEzee™ Set-in-Wet for Wearing Course Repairs. The materials are packed in 25kg (~0.0113cum.) bags and post compaction density is ~2.2 ton/cum.

Each layer should not be more than 25mm at compaction. However, in case of compacting with rollers (for deep or big patches), we can compact the material upto 50mm in one pass. The material can be used in potholes with water as well. ART also recommends to steepen the walls of the pothole prior to filling; ideally the wall should be 90°.