During the marketing and sales of MB1000 Series, it was observed by our laboratory from the study of rheology of the materials that this level of modification was not enough for certain regions of India. Regions that suffered from heavy overloading of vehicles, very high pavement temperatures, etc. The basic modification was unable to address the rutting and fatigue cracking issues that developed due to those reasons.


MB 2000 Products
Name Type of Binder Composition (excld. Bitumen) Min. ER/Min. SP
MB 2100 Enhanced PMB (Custom) Homogenous SBS (4.0-7.0%)
PE (0.5-2.0%)
Can be custom developed to requirement – Max 80% / 85°C
MB 2200 HiMA Homogenous SBS (7.0-9.0%) Max 90% / 90°C


In pursuit of a solution, ART developed the MB2000 Series with high performance parameters.