PatchEzee® : A relief to the Housing Societies

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Date : 2020-09-03

When one thinks of road construction a picture pops up in their mind filled with engineers, labors, supervisors, heavy duty equipment, complex machinery and the like. PatchEzee® is a contrast to this notion. Not only it promises to be eco-friendly, but also user-friendly. You do not need to have any prior knowledge or experience for handling this simple yet highly effective product, which is suitable for all weather conditions.

In an easily to handle packaging of 25kg sacs, this innovation in road infrastructure promises to be the best solution available in the market to the ever-persisting problem of potholes. If left un-attended, these potholes possess the potential of causing severe harm to you and your vehicles. With time, these potholes become larger and larger causing the surface around it to disintegrate and becoming a wider menace!
PatchEzee® possesses immense utility to the common man. 

The integrated township of Shipra Suncity, one of the finest address’ in NCR region has taken it upon themselves to fully deliver upon its core value of self-sufficiency through our product. Rather than going through the painstaking procedure of identifying a contractor for availing his services and making necessary arrangements for his labour and equipment and, the need for cordoning off the area, the society has chosen to opt the easy way out !

To immediately provide much-needed relief in the rainy season to its members living in the society, the Apartment Owners Association (AOA) has used our PatchEzee® Set-in-Wet™ in existing water-filled potholes in the society’s internal road network.

What attracted the dynamic president of AOA, Mr. Sharad Khandelwal was our promise of a delivering green and environment friendly product.

Raw material for PatchEzee® is sourced from Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) material and hence reduces the burden on our environment. The application process ensures that no pollution gets generated.

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