ART currently supports its Third Generation of Modified Bitumen and has been manufacturing Modified Bitumen since 2000. Specializing in Polymer enhancements, ART has developed its portfolio to cater to all performance requirements of a client by providing them solutions through value engineering. Modified Bitumen are more expensive than regular binders but overall they improve the pavement’s life cycle and thus reducing the pavement’s life cycle cost!


The benefits that can be derived from such modifications can be:

1. Improved stiffness and cohesion

2. Improved consistency

3. Reduced Temperature susceptibility

4. Improved binder-aggregate adhesion

5. Improved flexibility, resilience and toughness

6. Improved resistance to in-service ageing


Modification can be done with fiber, warm mix solutions, anti-stripping properties, etc. All these solutions can be custom developed and delivered by ART.

MB2000 Series
MB3000 Series