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This work shall consist of the supply and application of continuous or intermittent lines, stop lines, arrows, letters or figures as shown on the Drawings or directed by the Engineer. The work shall include the supply of all labour, tools and equipment, materials, traffic signs as necessary for the safe and efficient completion of the entire work.


The thermoplastic material shall be factory mixed, from an approved manufacturer and shall be of a tropical grade suitable for application, by the means proposed, to the specified road surfaces, and must demonstrate skid resistance appropriate to local traffic conditions.


The paint shall be suitable for applying by brush or mechanical means. The following particulars of the paint shall be supplied:


1) composition (analysis by weight)

2) application (brush or spray)

3) type and maximum amount of reducer (thinner)

4) drying time (wheel dry)

5) setting time (to recoat)

6) recommended coverage (litres per linear kilometre of 100 mm stripe)

7) heat resistance i.e. maximum road temperature

8) details of any primer, undercoat or tack coat required.


The paint shall be supplied fresh and ready for use in sealed containers which shall be stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.