Cold-in-Place Recycling done at HATA, Kushinagar site for UP PWD.

Cold-in-Place Recycling has become an established technology worldwide and AR Thermosets p ltd (ART) is one of the first companies to introduce this technology in Uttar Pradesh PWD. Low cost and high quality are two of the most important criteria when it comes to rehabilitating roads. There is now a major focus of the MORTH, NHAI, and road developers to speed up the rehabilitation and construction of road pavements that are low cost, better & long-lasting quality as well as sustainable.

Recycler WR 240, owned by ART, is the latest heavy equipment in the market that performs the tasks of all in 1! It is capable of:

CIPR with binders such as foamed bitumen produces flexible and highly durable base layers. The recycled in-situ material is bound and forms part of the pavement structure – forming a renewed stronger foundation for the final BC overlay.

The perfectly engineered process impresses with:

Surface before Treatment

During work

Final Surface

When using CIPR the stabiliser recycles the damaged road pavement using machine WR240, while simultaneously injecting agents such foamed bitumen/ emulsion (emulsion in this case), water and cement in the required quantities.

CIPR technology is well suited to India and will be used wherever road pavements are exposed to high traffic volumes or overweight transport and has the ability to rehabilitate failed pavements in speeds never seen before in India. ART’s foamed bitumen technology offers a state-of-the-art solution and is used in both structural rehabilitation and new construction projects.



User friendly and workability is one of the distinctive features of CIPR. When OMC (optimum moisture content) is within the range, there are no time limitations for the subsequent compaction processes. Post CIPR, pavements can be opened to traffic temporarily, immediately after compaction. In many cases, the cold recycled layer is simply surfaced with a thin asphalt layer serving as a wearing course. Road maintenance is significantly reduced due to the need to only focus on the wear surface post recycling, leaving the cold recycled base layers undisturbed and intact. Resulting in lower road maintenance costs across one’s road assets.


Mostly all road base and crust materials in India or Recycled Asphalt (“RAP”) materials are suitable for recycling with foamed bitumen. ART’s recycler granulates both the crust layer and the base layers, mixing the material with foamed bitumen in-situ in a single pass. After compaction, a high-quality bituminous base layer is produced that is capable of withstanding extremely high traffic loads. 


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