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Crashes involving utility poles and other fixed objects on the side or median of highways are the most prevalent among fatal, run-off-road crashes. Nevertheless, these obstacles have until now remained amongst the least addressed issues. 

Roadway departures account for the majority of all fatal crashes occurring in India. In fact, half of all fatal crashes, fit the roadway departure definition: a crash which occurs after a vehicle crosses an edge line or a center line, or otherwise leaves the traveled way. More than 40 per cent of roadway departures involved a collision with a fixed object; with the utility poles comprising almost 60 per cent of the fixed objects struck, making them the most harmful occurrence among all accounted fatal crashes.  

Given this alarming figure, it is only reasonable to suggest that managing better protection of motorists from such poles would become a number one priority to reduce fatal crashes; however most agencies and institutions have indicated that they find it challenging to mitigate these (utility) pole-related crashes. 

NHAI, MORTH and other stakeholder(s) have taken a step in the right direction…

Recently, ART has been presented with a similar problem on NH1 from Panipat to Jalandhar stretch operated by Soma Roadis. Our objectives were two-fold: 

  1. Primarily, utmost protection of the passengers and motor vehicles plying on that route,
  2. Along with protection of the fixed assets – Utility poles on the median of the highway 

Our offered solution to the problem?

We were awarded a contract by M/s Soma Roadis for proposed erection of Metal Beam Crash Barrier (MBCB) along the median of the NH1 highway. In order to achieve the desired level of protection, we have come up with a simple, yet highly-effective innovation to our product which solves the purpose! 

Metal Beam Crash Barrier comprises of following major components:

Standard specifications stipulate the dimensions of spacer as – 330 MM x (150x75x75) MM x 5 MM (L x W x T).

In this case, because of our manufacturing capabilities and ability to maintain flexibility in sizes of MBCB as per requirement of the customer, we have made suitable changes and accordingly enhanced the width of the spacer with the dimensions of modified spacer being – 330 MM x (300x75x75)MM x 5 MM (L x W x T)

The resulting product was installed successfully and has provided immense relief to all stakeholders!

Figure 1 – needs to be changed so that it doesn’t look like it is away from the median

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